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larp_shop_talk's Journal

LARP Shop Talk
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This community is for “talking shop” regarding boffer LARPs, live-action roleplaying games of all genres. (While discussion of any LARP is welcome here, those seeking advice for Vampire and like style games may wish to check out larp_support and larp_sts. This community is more focused on weekend-long boffer LARPs than Vampire or convention style games.) Discussion is open to LARPers who care about improvement of the “art,” as it were, and specifically game owners, designers, directors, administrators, plot team members, story writers, volunteer Non-Player Characters, and plain old players who just like to talk about what makes a game good!

Use this community to share ideas of what worked and what didn’t, what could be done better another time. These ideas might be specific to a storyline element such as, “The world needs fewer mysterious masked men, and more crones!” or generalized such as, “Nuthin’ says luvin’ like a text prop!”

Please keep war stories limited to what can be used as education going forward. Please keep the focus on the positive – what we can all learn from things run in the past or at various games. This is not a forum for vituperations about games you hate; that’s what your private journal is for!

Please limit rules debates also to general topics of what works in a variety of games or game systems. Detailed debates over game-specific topics may be asked to move to appropriate game-specific communities.

Please feel free to submit the name of your game or game system to the moderator, traceroo for the Interests list.

NOTE ON ADVERTISEMENTS: Ads for brand new games/campaigns, or new related websites are welcome. Please keep ads short, use cut tags liberally, and please don't spam with frequent postings such as for every single event. Crazy frequent spammers eventually will be flogged.

November 2, 2010 Update: Membership in this community is now moderated. Sorry for this requirement -- we had some serial spammers which were really bringing us down. The moderator will check your profile to see, for example, if you have one, and if said profile mentions anything at all that might distinguish a LARP fan from a Russian mail order bride service serial spammer. If you happen to be both a LARPer and purveyor of Russian mail order brides and you feel yourself to be the victim of unfair discrimination through this profile requirement, please do let the moderator know. Thank you for your understanding.