The Vortex of Chaos (vortexofchaos) wrote in larp_shop_talk,
The Vortex of Chaos

A Build Your Own Game seminar and more

So you want to learn how to write a LARP? Maybe you've been thinking about it, but you didn't want to do it by yourself? Perhaps you just didn't know how to get started? Or, you've written a LARP or three and just want to get a different perspective on the writing process.

Have I got the opportunity for you.

Join me July 20-22, at the Chelmsford Radisson, in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. I'll be speaking on Friday about how to write a LARP. On Saturday, I'll be facilitating another Build Your Own Game effort, where a bunch of people will get together to write a game in 24 hours. There will be other panels about LARP as part of the New England LARP Conference 2012, but the writing is where the challenge will be - so sign up now!

If you don't want to write, we're looking for proposals for workshops and panels. Let's talk LARP!

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