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Isles seeks PCs and NPCs for May 20-22 event

You are invited to join the opening season of the Second Campaign in the setting of THE ISLES!

We are seeking PC' s and NPC’s May 20-22nd
at Ye Olde Commons in Charlton.

After a successful 5 year campaign known as "The Isles - Asylum", we now bring you the next
chapter in the story : "The Isles - Purgatory Station".

The Asylum Campaign concluded in the Fall of 2010, with the colonists of the Imperial Colony
of New Avinnia defeating madman who was set on destruction of the new colony.

Among the true flowers that sprang from the colony of New Avinnia was the fledgling
New Avinnia and Western Railroad. Created entirely by players in game, and exclusive of any
direction by plot or staff, the next chapter of the story takes place at the far end of the railroad.

It is 70 years after the Battle of New Avinnia, and the railroad has reached out of the
valley where the story began. The far end of the line is a settlement known as Purgatory Station.
While civilized compared to where the original story took place, the area around
Purgatory Station is the "new frontier" on the Isle of Asylum. New discoveries await those
who are brave enough to venture out and take the challenge of expanding the Empire.


What is The Isles all about ???

The Isles campaign places a heavier emphasis on roleplay and character interaction
than many other LARP's do. There is combat to be sure - the need to hunt for food
or search for useful herbs in the woods will usually lead to that ! We use standard
boffer style weapons, nerf-style dart guns and crossbows, and traditional "packet"
style combat for spells, psionics, and bows.

The Isles has one of the closest things to a functioning in-game economy that you
will find. Players create their own in game items by finding resources during events.
There are times where the best "loot" is not the coins in a purse, but rather a trove
of badly needed metal or herbs. The campaign can lend itself to someone playing
the role of a merchant as a primary role. While most do opt to take skills that are
useful "in the field", we have had players who spent the vast majority of their
time in game wheeling and dealing to buy or sell good to the rest of the players.
For the second campaign, we have simplified the system a bit - but still have the
flavor of the original.

The heart of The Isles is in the story. The staff of The Isles draws its knowledge from
many years of LARP experience, and from many different games over those years.
Most of the core staff have been LARPing since the 1980's ! The general age bracket
of The Isles tends to be older than many other LARPs. As such, we feel that it really
is more of a "thinking" LARP than many other LARPs out there. The staff prides itself
on not forcing plot, but in reacting to what the players do or ask to do. The ultimate
testament to this could be seen in the last campaign. The "ultimate" foil for the campaign
was an NPC who was expected to only be around for a few events. But, the players
missed a chance to defeat him early on, and he then became the focus of much of
the story. Not how it was planned - but it was how it evolved. That, in our opinion,
is what the best of LARPing is all about. Letting a story evolve, and reacting to your players.

If interested, please contact us thru the links below :

Isles Contact E-mails :

Event Registrations : Use the Pre-Reg form in the other thread in this forum. Send it to :

NPC Registration :

Character Information :

Contact the GM :

Contact Plot :
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