Patron Saint of Sunflowers (traceroo) wrote in larp_shop_talk,
Patron Saint of Sunflowers

Annoying Spam

Hi LARP Fans!

As you may have noticed, our community has recently been the target of serial spammers. In Russian. Boy, is this annoying to you and me, both! At first I attempted to combat this by changing the settings for our community such that only members can post, which was itself a bummer. Now, after continued Russian wedding spamming, whatever that was, I've decided to change community membership to require moderator approval. Yes, this totally hugs it. With any luck, however, this may be a temporary measure until the Russian Spamming I Want To Annoy LARPers Mafia moves on. Then maybe in the future I can turn off the moderation requirement, and we can go back to our regularly scheduled near total lack of discussion except for dicemistress's regular stream of interesting articles. ;)

Meanwhile, hope everyone enjoyed a great 2010 LARP season as many of you are winding down events before the onset of winter. Here in Colorado in the United States, apparently my local game runs all winter. In the Rocky Mountains. In the snow. Yes, they're totally nuts! The scenery sure is amazing, however -- and with all LARP games, the company can't be beat! Looking forward to next year both in LARP, and hopefully with a little more discussion in this community not about Russian mail order brides.

Take care,
Your Moderator
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